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Walking from Point A to Point B is a healthy and active way to get around. It offers greater freedom of movement and a new perspective when exploring the city but brings a considerable risk of a pedestrian accident.
An estimated 7,500 pedestrian deaths occurred in the United States of America in 2021 alone.
It’s essential to know the leading causes when you’re a pedestrian hit by a car, especially when walking downtown and crossing the street. You can take preventive measures by crossing at crosswalks rather than becoming a jaywalker when you know the main causes of pedestrian accidents.
The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning about the primary causes of pedestrian accidents and the steps you should take if you’re hit by a car. Keep reading this article for a deep dive into pedestrian accidents and injuries today!
Distracted driving is more common than people realize in 2023, with many drivers looking at mobile devices or performing hygiene tasks while behind the wheel. The fact is that most of these people are not driving self-driving cars when handling these tasks.
A driver who isn’t focused on the road is dangerously threatening other drivers and pedestrians. A pedestrian can look both ways before crossing the street, but preventative measures won’t protect them against a distracted driver handling a two-ton vehicle.
It takes little time for distractions to put drivers and pedestrians in dangerous situations. Checking a phone for a few seconds can cause a deadly accident. Two prime areas where distractions occur are crosswalks and red lights.
Drivers distracted by mobile devices will not see pedestrians in a crosswalk. Be extra attentive when walking around a city, and always ensure drivers see you before crossing the street. Avoid jaywalking at all costs to prevent a severe accident.
Another notable cause of pedestrian accidents is drunk driving. An intoxicated driver will struggle to control the vehicle and monitor the road. Drunken drivers struggle with judgment and reaction times, putting any pedestrians in harm’s way. Drunk drivers are some of the most significant risks that pedestrians face daily.
Crosswalks aren’t the only places that are dangerous for pedestrians when encountering drunk drivers. The worst danger with drunk drivers is swerving and falling asleep at the wheel. Predicting where a drunk driver will steer the vehicle is far more complicated.
It’s not unheard of to find drunk drivers that swerve onto the sidewalk. A pedestrian that trusts the driver or doesn’t see them is in a dangerous area where severe injuries and death can occur. A drunk driver will also struggle to slow down after losing vehicle control.
They’re among the most catastrophic pedestrian accident types. Avoid walking when drunk drivers are likely to be out on the road. This is especially true around New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July holidays.
The thrill of driving fast is something humans have enjoyed since the invention of the motor vehicle. The problem with the infatuation with speed is that it harms the driver and other individuals. Many pedestrian and auto accidents happen annually due to speeding drivers.
Most speeding accidents occur at intersections, increasing the danger pedestrians face. This negligent action puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk of severe injuries since reaction times are shorter for everyone. Slamming the brakes isn’t enough to stop a heavy vehicle from moving at speeds above the speed limit.
Traveling at high speeds results in running stop signs and red lights. A pedestrian crossing the street won’t be able to dodge a large car or truck that is supposed to stop for people walking. Speeding drivers are dangerous because they cause the most damage, and the danger is quite apparent in a country with 41 million annual speeding tickets.
Poor weather takes control of the vehicle from the driver’s hands, creating dangerous situations for pedestrians. The odds of a pedestrian or car accident skyrocket when roads get icy or snowy after a storm. Not only do storms impact road conditions, but they also take away from a driver’s vision.
The best drivers can adapt to these challenging conditions by driving slowly and taking time. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to adjust and endanger themselves and others around them.
Rain is dangerous because it reduces driver visibility, primarily if the windshield wipers haven’t been maintained. It’s also more difficult to stop when braking if water is on the road. A pedestrian crossing the street is vulnerable to being hit by a car, with these factors added to the equation.
Snow and ice are dangerous because one patch of road is enough to send the car out of control. Add in blizzard conditions, and it’s nearly impossible for a driver to see what’s in front of them. Avoid becoming a jaywalker during these conditions to avoid harm’s way during your walk into town.
Society is always in a hurry, whether it’s a worker’s lunch break or the drive home after a hard day at work. The reality is that these runs put people in danger, especially when impatient drivers are behind the wheel. An impatient driver will likely push into the intersection too soon, especially at crosswalks.
If you’re not expecting it, it’s easy to find yourself the victim of a pedestrian accident. Look out for impatient drivers when crossing the street, especially when crossing not at a crosswalk.
Unmarked crosswalks are a danger zone for pedestrians looking to cross the street. Avoid becoming a jaywalker when crossing the street to give yourself the safest environment. Unmarked crosswalks are tricky for both drivers and pedestrians.
It’s best to work with accident lawyers after getting hit by a car while crossing an unmarked crosswalk. It’s a gray area within the legal system, but your lawyers will help you prove that you’re the victim of a pedestrian accident.
Left-hand turns with crosswalks are another tricky situation for both drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way unless the driver has a green arrow for the turn. Pedestrians maintain the legal right of way if the green light is not a turn light.
This is another scenario where impatient drivers cause issues for pedestrians. Most of the damage impacts pedestrians, and you must have a pedestrian accident lawyer backing you up when you’re involved in an accident.
Having an idea of what causes pedestrian accidents is an excellent start, but accidents do happen, and it’s vital to know what to do after being hit by a distracted or drunk driver. It’s wise to consider hiring an accident lawyer to represent you and ensure you receive the settlement you deserve. Here’s a closer look at what you should do if you’re involved in a pedestrian accident.
The first thing you’ll want to do after you’ve been hit by a car as a pedestrian is to get to a safe location. Check yourself for injuries and assess your health in this safe location before attempting to help others who the distracted or reckless driver has harmed.
Obstructing traffic is likely to put you in the path of further harm from other vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Still, stay close to the scene of the accident to avoid getting charged with fleeing the scene of an accident. Doing so carries a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on the state the accident occurs in.
After getting to a safe location after the pedestrian accident, the next step is to seek medical attention. It’s wise to get checked by a medical professional whether you believe you’re injured or not. Many people don’t realize the full extent of their injuries until days after the accident.
You won’t have any evidence to use in court if you seek a settlement for your medical bills from the negligent party. Getting checked by a medical professional is essential to get the help you crave from your Alpha Accident Lawyers after you’ve been injured.
Dial 9-1-1 as soon as you get the chance to get medical first responders on the scene. An ambulance will transport you and other injured people to the emergency room to ensure you get the medical treatment you need for your health. If you don’t have severe injuries, it’s still a good idea to visit your doctor’s office or an urgent care facility.
Contacting law enforcement is another wise step to take after you’re a victim of a pedestrian accident. The police will automatically be notified if you call 9-1-1 to request medical attention after the accident. They’ll arrive and assess the situation at the scene of the accident and put together an accident report.
This accident report is an essential piece of evidence if you go to court seeking reimbursement for your medical bills and suffering. If your injuries aren’t severe, contact law enforcement after getting to a safe location. Take the time before the police arrive to gather as much evidence as possible for your settlement case.
Use your mobile device to take pictures of the driver’s car, the scene of the accident, any property damage, and your injuries. This evidence could carry the day if you do go to court in a civil lawsuit against the driver. You should also avoid admitting any fault for the accident for the best results.
Make sure you get the driver’s information before heading out to seek medical attention. The insurance company will want this information when you pursue reimbursement for your injury expenses. Get the driver’s name, address, insurance information, and vehicle registration before leaving.
You should also share your information with the other parties. Requesting this information from any witnesses at the scene is also a savvy move, especially if you hope to gather more evidence to display your innocence in the accident. Save time by taking pictures of these documents with your mobile device or smartphone.
Evidence collection must be a priority if you’re feeling well enough to move around and take pictures and videos after the pedestrian accident. You’ll never be able to get the evidence back if you pass on the opportunity to capture it, and you’re risking thousands of dollars by failing to take this step.
Photos, videos, and eyewitness statements are the best types of evidence to compile when building your case. You can also collect accident reports from law enforcement with help from your accident lawyers.
Collecting your evidence and submitting your claim isn’t enough to guarantee that you get the settlement you deserve for your injuries and suffering. Take the extra step of monitoring your claim when you’ve been injured while crossing the street. It’s not worth losing out on the money you deserve from a lack of due diligence.
The best tool to have in your toolkit after a pedestrian accident is a team of accident lawyers to help you out. These legal experts have the experience and knowledge to build your case and use the evidence you’ve gathered to get the largest settlement possible. They’re your best asset to protect your legal rights after you’ve been hit by a car while walking in town.
Taking the proper steps after getting injured in a pedestrian accident is essential to ensure you receive the money you deserve for your injuries, lost wages, and suffering. Distracted and intoxicated drivers are significant causes of injured pedestrians crossing the street.
Looking both ways isn’t enough to guarantee your safety. It’s also wise to know the proper steps to take when gathering evidence and hiring accident lawyers after the accident.
Are you ready to protect yourself from dangerous drivers? Check out the rest of our blog posts for more eye-opening legal content like this.
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