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EVANS, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – A 15-year-old is still in critical condition on a ventilator and fighting for her life two weeks after a car crash near Greenbrier High School.
Tuesday marks two weeks since the accident, we checked in with her mother for an update on how she’s doing.
Her mother tells us her daughter, 15-year-old Allison Lillie, is still stable in the ICU and they are still asking for prayers.
Columbia County deputies responded to an accident that sent two teenagers to the hospital on Tuesday morning, Aug. 22., according to authorities.
On Thursday morning, Greenbrier High students are being asked to wear the color purple in honor of the teenager fighting for her life in ICU on a ventilator.
Early Wednesday morning, citizens came together at the site of the accident to pray for the 15-year-old and everyone involved, officials say.
At 6:36 a.m. on Tuesday, deputies responded to Riverwood Parkway and General Wood Parkway for a crash between a 2012 Toyota Highlander and a 2012 Toyota Prius.
Officials say the Highlander was traveling east in the through lane, and the Prius was traveling west in the left turn lane.
The driver of the Prius attempted to turn left onto General Wood Parkway but didn’t see the Highlander, causing the left front corner of the Prius to hit the left front corner of the Highlander, according to deputies.
Allison Lillie in the backseat was not wearing a seatbelt; she has facial and orbital fractures and a bleed on the lining of the brain, according to officials.
Allison is currently in the ICU on a ventilator, in critical condition.
Bethany Lillie, who was in the driver seat of the Highlander, had scrapes from the seatbelt, the 42-year-old passenger also received scrapes from the seatbelt.
All three occupants of the Highlander were transported to Augusta University Medical Center. The 16-year-old driver of the Prius was not taken to the hospital.
Some parents say the wreck shines a light on the safety concerns they’ve had for some time now.
One parent says: “I will say, they absolutely need a light at that intersection. It’s a safety hazard every day. I’ve had a few close calls myself, and there’s a crosswalk there as well that people do not pay attention to. I’m worried a student is going to be hit.”
Another parent says: “It has become an increasingly strong concern for us and we feared it was just a matter of time before something like today happened.”
Greenbrier High School says many in the school community witnessed the scene and additional school counselors and support staff are available for students and staff as needed.
Sports rosters confirm the teenagers are on the cross-country team.
“Our Wolfpack family extends our thoughts and prayers to all involved, the school day will continue,” the school said in a release.
But now, the entire cross-country team, along with the school are fully standing behind Allison.
When one hurts, they all hurt. While not much has changed on the outside of the school, inside students are taking the support to the next level.
The cross-country teams Instagram made a post Wednesday morning asking Wolfpack students to please wear the color purple in honor of Allison and the Lillie family. They ended the post with a new hashtag #Run4Allison.
Family, friends, and even those who don’t know the Lillie family are posting on social media showing their prayers and support.
For Anslee Williams, her connection to the Lillie family runs a little deeper because she is Bethany’s hairdresser.
She told News 12: ”Bethany and the girls are in my prayers! I know Bethany professionally and she is a client of mine. I am her hair dresser. I absolutely adore her! We always have a fun time in the salon. She is super sweet and outgoing and knowledgeable about her studies at GHS. She’s huge gal that loves her Greenbrier family and runs! She has great set of friends and loves spending time with family too. I was heartbroken to find out she, her sister and her friends were in the accident. I reached out to her via Instagram and let her know we are praying and thinking of her and her family/friends. I can’t wait to see her and give her a hug!”
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