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Regular checkups can ward off disease and provide a baseline that proves helpful as you age. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” says Paoli-based obstetrician Dr. Jennifer Gilbert.
To minimize the risk of skin cancer, Bala Cynwyd-based dermatologist Dr. Mary Griffin recommends Coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 is a naturally produced chemical compound that your body creates less of as you age. Adding it as a supplement helps you maintain the optimal level needed for healthy skin.
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women, and its symptoms are often subtle—so subtle you’re unlikely to identify them as abnormal. Delaware County Hospital cardiologist Dr. Kimberly Campbell says to be on the lookout for shortness of breath, arm or jaw pain, and a decline in your ability to tolerate physical activity.
“Most women deal with feelings of being overwhelmed at some point in their lives,” says Exton’s Dr. Christine Meyer. “If you find yourself feeling sad, hopeless and guilty to the point where it is affecting your ability to function, it may be time for an evaluation from a licensed professional.”
“Exercise isn’t time off,” says Dr. Lauren Rosen of LSR Wellness in Haverford. “It’s a necessary priority for wellness, cardiovascular health, maintaining good bone density and managing stress.”
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“When stress becomes overwhelming, it can lead to anxiety or depression,” says Gilbert. “It can even manifest itself as physical symptoms like headaches or abdominal pain.”
Griffin recommends a high-quality moisturizer like La Roche-Posay Lipikar, applied daily after a shower when skin is still damp. “As we mature, our skin becomes thinner and dryer,” she says. “It’s important to add moisture back to the skin to reduce crepiness.”
Gilbert recommends a pap test every three years beginning at age 20, a mammogram every one or two years at age 40 then annually after age 50, regular colonoscopies beginning at age 45, and a DEXA scan to check for bone density starting at age 65.
Griffin recommends anti-aging bond-restoration shampoo and conditioner. Popular brands include Alterna Caviar and the Kevin Murphy line.
“Make a short list of habits, routines and attitudes that help you re-center your life around your true needs and desires,” says Dr. Georgia Tetlow of Philadelphia Integrative Medicine in Wayne. “You may be surprised what happens when you take a few minutes to do this.”
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